Vidiyal: Begin Anew

Vidiyal is a flagship PCVC initiative that serves women burn survivors of domestic violence. The project is the first of its kind to understand the role domestic violence plays in the incidence of burns amongst women in India and incorporates DV-informed, trauma-informed psycho-social care along with physiological care.

The project began in the year 2003 and recognizing’s PCVC’s work at the hospital, the TN government issued an order in 2009, formalizing our presence in the hospital burn care system and allowing the organization to offer assistance and support to women burn survivors in the ward.

The intervention starts at the burn’s ward at Kilpauk Medical College with providing psychosocial counselling, hygiene and nutrition services. After women are discharged from the hospital, following home visits by trained social workers and wound care specialists, the residential state of the art recovery and healing centre provides women with the space, environment and means to rebuild their lives.

Hospital care

For patients hospitalized at Kilpauk Burns Ward, PCVC provides trauma counselling, legal assistance and child care. PCVC also supplies clean disposable sheets and gowns, mineral drinking water and protein-rich health supplements to reduce hospital-induced infections.

Post hospital care

After hospital discharge, PCVC helps arrange surgeries for restoring sight, skin grafts, contracture release, regaining mobility etc. PCVC also facilitates home care by providing disposable sheets, health drinks, medicines and wound care. This is enabled through rigorous phone follow-ups and home visits.

Post hospital care

PCVC encourages empowerment and healing of women burn survivors through physiotherapy, counseling, arts-based therapy, group therapy and support groups and livelihood initiatives in our residential Recovery and Healing Centre for burn survivors in Chennai. The center can accommodate 12 to 15 women at any given time.
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