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‘Youth Unite’ intends to create spaces for meaningful dialogues for young people, where they get the opportunity to build their own narrative, that is informed by a thorough understanding and analysis of core concepts like power, privilege, inclusion, identities, justice, respect and equality.

The aim of ‘Youth Unite’ is to: ‘Build a movement where young women, men, girls and boys as well as the institutions they belong to, believe in and practice ‘Equality, Respect for diverse identities, Inclusion of everyone, Justice and freedom for all, and Agency to make a change’.
This project will help in enabling young women, men, boys and girls to recognise their own actions and beliefs as unjust and unacceptable by understanding how underlying biases and beliefs justify and normalise such violence and injustice. Individuals and groups then make positive choices of rejecting such actions deriving from their own practical analysis and awareness.

The focus will be on partnering with institutions and acting as a catalyst for seeding a movement of young people to address violence and intolerance.

The main objectives were:

Trained and experienced counsellors will provide empathetic, non-judgmental and solution-focused support that will help explore the options available to women. The initiative will:

   Go beyond simple assertions that diversity and equality is ‘a good thing’ to actively create awareness and enable and equip people and institutions with practical measures to address and prevent violence, discrimination and intolerance, especially addressing the impact on women’s rights.

   Valuing of difference and equality;

   Broadly framed as being about multiple identities and diversity but strategically focused on countering the intolerance fostered by identity politics as a key concern given its powerful impact on rights-based development.

   Embedded in a variety of public, and private educational institutions which reach critical audiences such as youth, as well as development policy-makers;s

This collaboration will result in a sustained engagement in promoting positive alternatives, especially attitudes and practices that support the valuing of difference and equality. Specific outcomes of this action will be:

   Young women, men, girls and boys individually and collectively and institutions take action to enable difference to flourish within a framework of equality, and to end all forms of violence and intolerance fostered by identity-based politics.

   Enhanced capacity of selected collaborating institutions (especially, educational institutions in Chennai) to take practical actions for promoting diversity and equality as a means to ending violence and intolerance especially in its links to identity-based politics.

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