In the Udhayam project, PCVC works with All Women’s Police Stations to provide crisis intervention and support services to survivors of domestic violence. When women file domestic violence cases, very often they are not provided with adequate information about the options and support available to them. 

Reconciliation is often the end goal of familial, societal and institutional interventions and the integrity of the family unit is prioritized. Hence women are offered solutions that focus on reuniting with an abusive spouse even if they do not wish to do so. 

This project seeks to change that and prioritizes what the woman wants rather than keeping the family unit intact. Currently operational at 4 AWPS, women filing domestic violence cases (and their spouses) are sent to PCVC for counseling and support. 

The Udhayam counselors provide legal and rights-based information to women that informs them about their rights and helps in expanding the options available to them. Support is provided in negotiating with the family and partner and  accessing referral services such as emergency shelter, legal aid, job placement, mental health interventions etc.

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