Sharp - Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SHARP) is PCVC’s initiative to promote respect and safety at the workplace. We offer training in work-spaces, schools and colleges to sensitize the public and increase awareness about the cause.

Sexual harassment prevention at the workplace has become a legally required mandate in India. Having well defined sexual harassment prevention policies and training for managers/supervisors and all employees on their role in preventing and redressing harassment situations in the workplace is a critical concern for employers. With potential liabilities growing, it is important to make sure everyone understands the importance of their actions and their key part in eliminating harassment from the workplace.

Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace are in a particularly vulnerable position. They may hesitate to report the harassment because they fear losing their job, compromising their careers, not being believed, and being considered’ difficult’.

Sharp will provide training customized to meet your needs and comply with the law. Participants will learn to identify, take action and prevent potential sexual harassment issues before they occur.

The goals of the training are to:

   Help your employees understand the law and your organization’s harassment prevention policy.

   Recognize early signs of sexual harassment and encourage interaction and candid dialogue.

   Investigate and resolve sexual harassment complaints according to your policies and the law.

   Maintain open communication in a respectful environment.

   Demonstrate that you treat harassment prevention and complaints seriously.

   Establish a clear role for supervisors in harassment prevention.

   Create a complaints committee within your organization.

Contact us today at to request a proposal. Our trainings emphasize not only compliance with the law but also the common-sense rules for creating a healthy and vibrant work environment free from harassment.

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