UN Women Asia and Pacific supported PCVC in implementing a project “Strengthening Response and Service Provisioning for GBV in Tamil Nadu”. The project commenced on September 1, 2022 with the overall goal of strengthening response and service provisioning for GBV in Tamil Nadu. There was
particular focus on augmenting the continuation of seamless services in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic considering the disproportionate
negative impact it had on women, queer and Trans survivors of violence. As part of the project, UN Women Asia and Pacific supported in creating two
handbooks and a support services directory to provide survivors with information about domestic violence, legal rights, psycho-social support and
other available support services


The project brought out these four publications

1. Survivor Support Services Directory: A Mapping and verification of all services available in the state of Tamil Nadu was undertaken based on PCVC’s existing database of service providers and additional inputs provided by various stakeholders through 4 zonal meetings that covered all districts of the state and were attended by 191 representatives from various organizations.
2. Psycho-Social Approaches: A Handbook for Psychosocial Service Providers for Domestic Violence Survivors :PCVC’s work as a specialized domestic violence service provider has informed the creation of this handbook and many of the strategies and tools shared in this resource is a direct output of the work we have done with survivors for the past 22 years. The Psycho-Social Handbook is translated in Tamil.
3. Legal Handbook A guide to survivors and practitioners on laws against domestic violence in Tamil Nadu: This Handbook addresses the connected legal themes of domestic violence, intimate-partner violence and gender-based violence including but not limited to sexual offences, dowry harassment and cyber-crimes arising out of such violence. The document addresses both substantive legal rights of survivors as well as the redressal process, whether by seeking matrimonial reliefs under matrimonial law or by engaging with the criminal justice system. The Legal Handbook is translated in Tamil.
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