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Domestic violence is a problem that occurs in virtually all countries, cultures, classes and income groups. It is complex and multifaceted and comes with no simple solutions. Solutions have to be tailored to suit each individual depending on what is appropriate to her situation. But the first step in seeking support is to understand that you are not alone.

The next logical step would be to set out short and long-term support goals that you will require for the future. Short-term measures consist of assistance programs that will protect you. It focuses on the critical period once you have taken a decision to leave your abusive environment, like providing you with food, shelter, and guidance. This is the period when you are at your most vulnerable either from your perpetrator seeking retribution, or simply because you want to return home, mostly out of a sense of hopelessness. Either way, you need help and support at this juncture.

Long-term measures on the other hand, are meant for empowering you to establish a life for yourself without violence. That will require time, effort and a lot of support.

Support is available at PCVC and is provided primarily as...

Crisis Intervention:

  • crisis line
  • shelters or other emergency residential facilities
  • medical services
  • transportation networks
  • victims to be removed from the home
Emotional Support:
  • self-help support groups
  • assertiveness training
  • self-esteem and confidence-building sessions
  • parenting skills courses
Advocacy and Legal Assistance:
  • access to and custody of children
  • restraining orders
  • public assistance benefits

 Did you Know?
Almost every six hours, somewhere in India, a young married woman is burnt alive, beaten to death or forced to commit suicide
(National Family Health Survey)
An astonishing 56% of Indian women believed wife beating to be justified in certain circumstances
(International Institute for Population Studies))
As many as 70 per cent of married women in India between the age of 15 and 49 are victims of beating, rape or coerced sex
(United Nation Population Fund)
Violence against women was putting a huge strain on a nation's social and legal services and leads to heavy loss of productivity
(United Nations Report)

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