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In our experience of working with survivors of domestic violence, the members of PCVC have identified three problem areas for women in the city; namely:
  • A lack of material resources, such as government assistance for survivors of domestic violence, available housing and well-staffed shelters, and access to appropriate and affordable medical care,
  • The absence of systemic options, such as efficient and just family courts, sensitive police assistance, and subsidies for legal fees,
  • A dearth of structured rehabilitative spaces and resources, such as support groups, emotional counseling, and ongoing physical therapy
Based on our experience there are services that we offer victims of abuse that include:
  • A helpline for victims of crime
  • Counseling to aid the victims in expressing their thoughts and feelings about the trauma
  • Mediation between couples
  • Referrals for medical aid and therapy
  • Rehabilitation of victims in terms of locating job placements, educational opportunities, housing, etc.
  • Information regarding law enforcement, criminal justice and medical systems
  • Legal advocacy for victims
  • Referrals (including accompanying the victims) to the appropriate community resources such as hospitals, police stations and the courts assistance with receiving compensation through the Victim Assistance Fund
  • Community workshops and education initiatives aimed at preventing gender-based violence

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