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Prevention Programs

Community Led Action Program with Police (Clapp)

Community Led Action Programme With Police (CLAPP) For Women’s Safety At Public Places was a collaborative initiative begun by PCVC and the US Consulate


Youth Unite

‘Youth Unite’ intends to create spaces for meaningful dialogues for young people, where they get the opportunity to build their own narrative, that is informed by a thorough understanding and analysis of core concepts like power, privilege, inclusion, identities, justice, respect and equality.


Sharp - Sexual Harassment Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SHARP) is PCVC's initiative to promote respect and safety at the workplace. We offer training in work-spaces, schools and colleges to sensitize the public and increase awareness about the cause.


Redrawing Resistance

PCVC is one of the lead organizations that founded and curated Redrawing Resistance: South Asian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance.  Redrawing Resistance is a collection of paintings, photography, poetry and videos from South Asian women survivors of violence, their families and their artist allies.


We Can

The "We Can" campaign is an initiative aimed at spreading awareness about domestic violence, gender (in)equality, and healthy decision making throughout India done through rallies, conferences, workshops, and everyday conversations.


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