Your life can be beautiful and your goal must be to empower yourself so that you are in charge of your life.

At PCVC our role will be to help you to gradually build up your self-esteem and allow your emotional scars to heal. This will be the first time you would have been in a peaceful, secure environment after a very long time and we help you find that comfortable home environment.

When you move out of an abusive relationship, you take that big step toward independence and self-sufficiency. By working or attending regular classes or training for a job, enrolling your children into school you begin that journey of rebuilding your life and gaining confidence.

Women and children who have lived in violent homes often need supportive counseling to help them recover from the trauma of the abuse they have endured. PCVC provides you with access to counseling. Counseling to recover from abuse or while you remain in a potentially violent environment. Counseling is also provided to those who have escaped to a shelter or have separated permanently but need access to ongoing support.

Poems by a Survivors of Domestic Violence
Do not look for me in my grave!!!
True beauty
A rendezvous with the stars
Dear past
Dear you
For succeeding I was born!
Will yesterday matter tomorrow?
Morning musings...

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