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Gender Pattern of Burn Injuries:

Gender violence in our kitchens – Why most kerosene burns aren’t ‘accidents’

Indian women most prone to death by fire

Defeating the scars: Why economic freedom is important for gender violence survivors

“My Child Refused To Come Near Me”: How Women Burn-Survivors In India Are Alienated From Their Children

Photo essay: For women burns survivors in India, life can be a trial by fire

“I didn’t think the flames would spread so fast”

Burn injuries in India - A gendered dimension

Writer’s Cafe (A cafe in Chennai, where burn survivors from PCVC regularly go to work)

At this Writers’ Cafe, every face has a story to narrate (Indian Express)

Chennai cafe helps victims of domestic violence (The Hindu)

This Chennai Café hires burn survivors as kitchen staff, giving them a second lease on life (The Better India)

This Chennai cafe empowers survivors of domestic abuse, one coffee at a time (The News Minute)

"Ditch the sympathy, bring your appetite!" say burn survivors of Writer's Cafe (Feminism In India)

Cake and sympathy - beaten women forget pain of domestic abuse in Chennai cafe

A new lease of life (The Hindu)

Conversations at the Tamil Nadu State Roundtable for Women Burn Survivors

‘Dowry deaths down, not number of victims of burn violence’

‘Burn violence registry will help survivors get justice’

Zumba, yoga, art to help treat burn survivors

Handbook for victims of burn incidents

Conversations at the Telangana State Roundtable for Women Burn Survivors

Most women burn victims disguise crime as accidents

Burn registry, a must in every state

Call to treat burns cases as violence

Most burns victim women, 80% die

National registry must to track cases, support system needed

She won't hide her face or trauma after 14 surgeries

Telangana: Time heals burn scars, but trauma stays for victim

Majority of burn victims are women, domestic violence disguised as accidents

Why Telangana is in dire need of a support system for women burn survivors

Why Telangana is in dire need of a support system for women burn survivors

మాడిపోతున్నది  మహిళే

వరకట్నాగ్నికి వధువులు సమిథలా

Conversations at the Maharashtra State Roundtable for Women Burn Survivors

'Burns patients should get disability benefits'

Shocking statistics of women burn victims in India and steps to rehabilitate them in society

Round-table meet discusses support system for burn survivors

National Roundtable

Indian women burnt with acid, kerosene face neglect - charity

India's burning women: No accident that 91,000 women die of burns each year

Poor access to support systems causes high mortality among women with burn injuries

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