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A never before unique opportunity for youth to get an overview of the law enforcement and experience first-hand on how the police do their job.

Citizen CopThe program is structured so that young adults can have an opportunity to experience some of the training, procedures and technology that are utilised by today's police force. They will get an overview of proper techniques utilised in criminal investigations, evidence recovery, patrol practices besides a whole lot of other interesting and educative sessions. The participants will also attend demonstrations from various specialised units that are available to law enforcement such as the police dog squad and the bomb squad.

The program intends to instil an appreciation and newfound respect for law enforcers and their role in society and will help improve self-esteem, discipline and self-confidence of the participant.

Course Details :

  • Overview of the Police Departments and hierarchy
  • Functioning of Police Station
  • Basic Crime Scene Investigation (preservation of evidence, forensics, Demo of finger print lifting etc.)
  • Police Dog Squad Demonstration
  • Bomb Squad Demonstration
  • Traffic regulations and effects of drunken driving and road safety
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Drill and Parade
  • Self defence
  • Basic First Aid
  • Dealing with emergencies including terrorism and fire
  • Identifying counterfeit currency
  • Drug abuse and prevention
  • Crime Prevention - neighbourhood watch scheme, etc
  • Basic Rights and Duties of a Citizen (Fundamental duties, constitution of India)
  • Briefing of Special Acts-Right of Information Act, Prevention of Violence Against Women Act, Tamilnadu Women's Harassment Act, Protection of Civil Rights Act, SC/ ST atrocity Act, Dowry Prohibition Act, Domestic Violence Act, etc.)
  • Dietary tips for natural fitness
  • How to enter the police force?

Additionally, field trips to the Police Headquarters and City Commissioner's Office, Traffic Headquarters, Police Control Room, Tamilnadu Forensic Science Department, Crime Records Bureau, Police Computerization and Fire Services Training Academy.

Citizen CopThis is a 40-hour (8am - 5pm) weeklong dynamic opportunity for 20 - 22-year-olds to experience what it is like to be a police officer. The program has been designed to be a hands-on active experience for motivated youth in criminal justice agencies. Participants have the unique opportunity to interact and learn in a safe environment with law-enforcement officers. They will, through classroom instruction, and numerous in-the-field training activities receive an appreciation for the challenges facing police and how police attempt to successfully accomplish their mission in our community.

Who Should Attend?

Male and female students who are interested in the criminal justice system, government, civics or the community are encouraged to apply.


  • Between 20-22 years
  • Eagerness to learn about the police and the criminal justice system

Rs.5000/- (payable only by cash) includes transport from PCVC office to Police Academy and back, one set uniform, ID tag, lunch and refreshments on all 5 days plus one group photo and certificate.

Join for an unforgettable encounter!

Tamil Nadu Police Academy is dedicated to being a world-class police training institution encouraging the highest standards of performance, adopting the latest training technologies, employing best practices in policing and enhancing the quality of training to achieve excellence in both substance and methods of delivery.

International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) is a not for profit organization that works for crime prevention and better police public relations besides offering support services to crime victims, especially women and children.

Important Note:

In the event of any cancellation of the program on the part of the organisers, the entire fee will be refunded.

After registration, if the participant does not attend the program the fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Certificate will be issued only to participants who attend the entire program (all sessions on all 5 days).

 Did you Know?
Almost every six hours, somewhere in India, a young married woman is burnt alive, beaten to death or forced to commit suicide
(National Family Health Survey)
An astonishing 56% of Indian women believed wife beating to be justified in certain circumstances
(International Institute for Population Studies))
As many as 70 per cent of married women in India between the age of 15 and 49 are victims of beating, rape or coerced sex
(United Nation Population Fund)
Violence against women was putting a huge strain on a nation's social and legal services and leads to heavy loss of productivity
(United Nations Report)

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